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Small Business Accounts
Sole Traders
Self Assessment

We are a one-stop-shop for accountancy services and tax advice for small businesses and self-employed individuals. For further information about obtaining specific details for our services please contact our customer service team.

And here are some of the people we can help. Come to us if you are:

  • Individuals employing staff ( e.g. nannies, cleaners, drivers, etc.)

  • Contractors

  • Sole Traders

  • Partnerships

  • Limited Companies

  • Limited Liability Partnerships.

We are able to assist on the following:

  • Account Preparation

  • Annual Return

  • bookkeeping

  • Cost Accounting

  • Payroll & PAYE (salary payslips)

  • Self Assessment

  • Taxation

  • VAT Returns

  • Help and Advice

Contact us for details and support for any of the above.

We have great technical knowledge, combined with practical, commercial and industry experience. Our tax preparation services include personal and estate tax services, business and corporate tax services, prior year returns, and tax management.


We can also do book-keeping and other related services. Our costs are one of the lowest but our service is personal, comprehensive and professional.

Whether you are Partnership, Limited company or Limited Liability Partnership we can help. Call us now.

Small Business Accounts

We provide a full range of accounting and tax services to sole traders and the self-employed. If you are just starting out you may want to know if setting up as a sole trader is the best way to go. It will depend on the type of business you run, or are thinking of running. You should think about:


  • The level of commercial risk you will be exposed to
  • What kind of administrative support you have or require
  • Your turnover and how much profit you make
  • Your future plans to grow the business
  • Whether customer perception is relevant
  • Your plans for pensions and retirement


You should register with HMRC the moment you start out as a sole trader to prevent you from incurring a financial penalty. Being in business as a sole trader (or self employed) is the simplest way to get started in business. We can offer you specialist tailored advice on the benefits and pitfalls of being a sole trader compared to other ways of trading. 

Even though we will register you as 'self employed' when setting up, you would not be automatically registered for VAT. We can advise you of your best option. 

We will submit your annual self assessment form to HMRC and keep accurate up-to-date records of all your business transactions as supplied by you. You will also pay income tax on all profits and pay National Insurance contributions on those profits.

The service we provide includes:


  • FREE online and telephone support
  • FREE book-keeping advice and support
  • Completion of your annual accounts and tax return online
  • Calculation of your tax position
  • Review the tax you pay and advise if necessary
  • Submission of your accounts to HMRC
  • Complete your VAT returns (where VAT registered)


Sole Traders

Small Business Accounts

Sole  Traders

Self Assessment

Payroll Services

Self Assessment

Payroll Services

Doing your self assessment returns online can be daunting and complicated. There are a lot of issues to be aware of and a lot of details will need to be filled in. Errors can be costly both in terms of tax liability and possible fines if you makes errors.

Avesta Accounting is here to help and again the costs are low. If you want to save yourself time and hassle, once you have agreed to proceed with us the procedure works like this:


  • Provide us with your details and any supporting documentation (we can talk you through what is required)
  • We will prepare your tax return ready for online submission.
  • You approve the final tax return.
  • We approve your changes if any.
  • We submit for you online.

Don't leave it till last minute and don't forget:

The tax year begins on April 6th and ends on April 5th the following year.

Your online self assessment tax return must reach HMRC by midnight on the 31st January.

If you miss the self assessment tax return deadline there are penalty fees payable which increase as time goes on.

If you send a paper self assessment tax return it must reach HMRC by midnight on the 31st October. There are instances in which you have longer. If you require paper returns please call for further information such as costs.


here are a lot of regulations and requirements when employing people. We can advise our clients in all aspects of payroll preparation and compliance. If you would like to outsource this protracted process, then we offer a complete payroll service under our trade name Avesta Payroll, including:


  • Registration with HMRC for a PAYE account, with us as correspondence address

  • E-Filing of HMRC Annual Returns

  • Full monthly, weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or Quarterly salary and payslip calculations including all deductions/additions including Income Tax and National Insurance

  • 30 Day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with anything

  • E-mail or Postal payslips sent directly to you and/or your nanny

  • Quarterly PAYE and National Insurance payments and summaries via e-mail or post

  • Completion of annual returns and essential documents such as forms P14, P35, P60 and P45

  • Unlimited amendments as required to your payroll

  • 7 years record keeping after you stop employing a nanny as per HMRC standards

  • Payroll backdating and arrears calculation available

  • Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay calculations

  • Complete confidentially

  • Gross to net or net to gross calculations as required

  • Nanny Share advice and support

  • Late tax and arrears payment service available

  • Data Protection (Z3363609) and Money Laundering Registered (12693446)

  • Pro-Rata refund of any unused fees once client has been with us for a minimum 6 month subscription period or option to transfer to new employee

  • Tax Code splitting service for sharing employee if required

  • Workplace Pension Services


As well as company payroll services we provide Nanny Tax and Staff Payroll subscriptions too. Our standard service includes a comprehensive workplace penion service. If you would like to discuss PAYE or if you require full payroll service then please don't hesitate to get in touch.




Self Employed